Enigmatic Realism

Gudrun Dorsch’s works encompass the world of unconscious, non-verbal communication through movement. She uses the symbolic power of the spiral – a symbol for the beginning and the end. Her paintings and drawings show charismatic persons, composed of ribbons. Physical and psychological boundaries of the human being, but also names, translations, traditions and word puns inspire her in her work. The places herself within the enigmatic realism, a style in which the obvious is veiled, hidden, disguised and mysteries are understood as part of human existence. Mysterious and ambiguous, her exibits lead the viewer into their own mysteriousness. Therefore, the artist does not see her works as pure paintings or painted graphics, but rather as communicators of interpersonal relationships or transmitters for self-reflection.

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Explore my latest works:

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Visit one of my exhibitions:

  • Galerie Beck, Solo exhibition – Retrospektive, February 17-March 10, Homburg/Saar, DEU
  • Verum Arte, Collective exhibition, March 18-25, Florence, ITA
  • ArtMuc , Artfair, March 24-26 , Munich, DEU
  • ARTe Stuttgart, Artfair, April 14-16, Stuttgart, DEU
  • ArtHouse, Pop Up Ausstellung, April 28-30, München DEU
  • Galerie Beck, group exibition, May12-Juni 2, Homburg/Saar, DEU
  • Art Karlsruhe, International Artfair, 4.-7. May, Karlsruhe, DEU
  • ARTe Wiesbaden, Artfair, September 8-10, Wiesbaden, DEU
  • SupermArt, Artfair, October 6-8, Nuremberg, DEU
  • Art Market Budapest, October 19-22, Budapest, HUN
  • ArtMuc, Artfair, 27-29 October, Munich, DEU
  • SHINE ON at KamÜ, November 25-December 16, Bürstadt, DEU

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Drawing Classes

Have you always wanted to learn to draw, but don’t know how and where?
Then why don’t you take one of my courses about “Learn to draw, learn to observe”?

Open Studio

You would like to paint or draw from time to time, but you don’t have a suitable room and the right equipment?
All you need is the fun with painting or drawing, everything else is waiting for you.

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